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Hans-Peter Scherer
Grinding Services
Industriestrasse 43
49565 Bramsche

Phone: 05461 / 4836
Fax: 05461 / 5317



For more then 20 years Scherer provides a market-driven quality program – perforated discs and knifes for industrial and technical manufacturing processes.

The standard portfolio includes perforated discs, pre-cutters, knifes and blades with a variety of characteristics, erosion and corrosion protected steel alloys and stainless Inox steel. Some examples:

  • Machinery knifes / standard program for food, wood, paper, plastics and metal industry sectors.
  • Machinery knifes / custom made products for customer specific usage, e.g. precipitation knifes, de-callositation blades, circular knifes, gate knifes, cutter knifes, slicer knifes, passing machine parts, package machine knifes, frozen cargo cutter, paper knifes.
  • Product assortments such as hand knifes, sharp and taking off steel, measurer sharp devices etc. of all considerable manufacturers for the professional and the domestic purposes.
  • Selling of saws for several applications.
New tools are available from stock – ask us for our conditions.

Our large repository contains thousands of prevalent and less commonly used knifes and tools for food, wood, paper, plastics and metal industry sectors.
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